➡️Laser therapy has experienced a continuous development in the last 10-20 years. The light energy absorbed by the patient’s tissues triggers biological changes at the cellular level that lead to increased local blood circulation; temporarily removes pain and stiffness from minor muscles and joints; relaxes muscles and removes muscle spasms.

➡️The dose and frequency of treatment can be adjusted to produce the desired effect. Although it is a few minutes, the effect is felt right from the first sessions.

Laser light differs from ordinary light in four ways. In short, it is much more intense, directed, monochromatic and focused. Laser light has physical properties that ordinary light does not have. This is the key to explaining why laser beams are so effective in healing compared to other types of light.

✅Laser indications:

✔Antialgic effect
✔Local increase in blood circulation
✔Removal of minor pain and local ankylosis of muscles and joints.
✔Muscular relaxation.
✔Removal of muscle spasms.
✔ Accelerate nerve regeneration, bone growth and ligament repair.
✔Wound healing.

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